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FACT Watching fish move through your aquarium, is calming, relaxing & thought to help reduce blood pressure!

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Marine Fish Tank Cleaning

From our experience there are 3 ways of being successful in keeping Saltwater Livestock:

To keep Marine Fish with artificial decoration, which would consist of Ocean Rock, Dead Coral, Sea Fans and Barnacles. This option would be the least expensive.
To keep Marine Fish with Living Rock. As this type of rock is sold by weight this can become very expensive.
To keep Marine Invertebrates, you would need both Living Rock and Living Corals, and a small number of Reef Fish. Please be aware that Invertebrates and Living Rock require special lighting to grow and reproduce.
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Size of tank:
Type of water
Clean it every:

A basic service from Aquatic Care would include the following:

Removal of artificial decoration
marine care
Clean all glass removing all traces of algae
marine tank installations
Remove and clean Coral Sand
marine fish tank cleaning
Water change min – 25%
marine cleaning
Service filters
marine maintenance
Reposition and design decoration if required
marine aquatic care
Clean cover glasses and ensure the outside of the glass is clean and smear free
marine maintenance
Test water

NB: All water is prepared 48 hours in advance, due to it being processed via a system known as ‘Reverse Osmosis Deionization’. It is then salted and heated to bring it to the required temperature. Finally, on the day of your service the salt water will be transported by us to your premises to be used in your aquarium.

Tip for looking after your marine fish tank:
To ensure your marines remain healthy, you must have good filtration, good lighting and water quality which Aquatic Care can provide and help maintain. To find out more please call us on 07764182246

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