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Pond Cleaning In Hertfordshire, London & Essex

Aquatic Care offers pond cleaning services in Hertfordshire, London and Essex.

Aquatic Care's complete pond clean out would include the following:

pond cleaning
Remove all Aquaticlife to a filtered, protected and aerated holding pond
pond hertfordshire
Remove all plantlife, cut back and repot if needed
cleaning in ehrts
Pump existing water from the pond and pressure wash the sides and bottom
pond cleaning in hertfordshire
Remove all silt (which is high in nutrients and deposit around the flower borders which will help in the growth of your plants)
pond cleaning in essex
Replace plantlife, refill pond and treat accordingly
pond cleaning in London
Service the filter, pump, ultra violet steriliser and renew bulb
aquaitc cleaning
Introduce the fish and wildlife back into the pond whilst carefully checking that they are in good health
For more information about our pond cleaning services please visit our pond maintenance information page or contact us on 07764182246
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