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FACT Watching fish move through your aquarium, is calming, relaxing & thought to help reduce blood pressure!

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Tropical Fish Tank Cleaning

In order to provide your Freshwater Tropical Fish with a healthy and clean environment for them to thrive. Your fish tank requires regular maintenance. To achieve this, we can provide a one off visit when needed, or a regular service programme.

A basic service from Aquatic Care would include the following:

Removal of all decoration and clean if necessary

tank maintenance
Clean all glass removing all traces of algae
Gravel clean (by use of a gravel cleaning device or by removing the gravel and washing by hand)
Tropical tank maintenance in Herfordshire
Water change min- 25%
tank maintenance in Herfordshire
Service filters
Tropical tank fish tanks in Herfordshire
Reposition and design decoration in the aquarium
Tropical tank
Clean cover glasses and ensure the outside of the glass is clean and smear free


Tip for looking after your tropical fish tank: If you have any fish that look unwell, the best way to help would be to change 25% of the water, stop feeding and call Aquatic Care for any further advice. To find out more about our tropical aquarium maintenance service, please call us on 07764182246.

Tropical fish tank cleaning in HerfordshireTropical tank Herfordshire Tropical tank cleaning maintenance in Herfordshire Tropical tank maintenance in London
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